John N. Oshinski, Emory University, Atlanta GA, USA

John Oshinski is an Associate Professor of Radiology & Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering at the Emory University School of Medicine and the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.  He is currently Director of Magnetic Resonance Research at Emory University. He is broadly interested in applying engineering principles to current clinical problems by using imaging to improve disease diagnosis and to evaluate the treatment of disease. He is particularly interested in diseases involving CSF and blood flow dynamics.



M. Keith Sharp, University of Louisville, Louisville KY, USA

M. Keith Sharp received his BS degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1976, MS from Colorado State University in 1978 and ScD from MIT in 1987, all in Mechanical Engineering. He is now a professor at the University of Louisville and the director of both the Biofluid Mechanics Laboratory and the Renewable Energy Applications Laboratory. His research interests include flow and transport in the brain, shear-induced hemolysis, blood rheology, and cardiovascular and ocular responses to microgravity in astronauts..