Scientific Program & Video Proceedings

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Video Proceedings (all)

The scientific presentations of this symposium were video recorded and released for public viewing through generous sponsorship from the Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation, which was made possible by the support of The Monkton Institute.

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Plenary Lecture

Fine Structure of CSF and Interstitial Fluid Spaces and Their Drainage Pathways from the Human Central Nervous System, Dr. Roy Weller, UK. (video)


Session A: Micro-Anatomy and CSF

Spinal Cord Nerve Roots and Denticulate Ligaments Alter CSF Dynamics in the Upper Cervical Spine, Dr. Bryn Martin, USA. (video)

Effect of Spinal Micro-anatomy on CSF Flow Patterns, Dr Andreas Linninger, USA.


Session B: Modelling

Quantitative Assessment of the Differences in Spinal CSF Dynamics in Chiari Malformation, Dr. Frank Loth, USA  (video)

The Spinal Cord and Meninges as a Fluid-Filled Elastic Waveguide in Syringomyelia, Dr. Tony Lucey, UK  (video)


Session C: Imaging

4D MR Flow Imaging: Experiences in Hemodynamics and Potentials in CSF Hydrodynamics, Dr. Oliver Wieben, USA (video)

Blood And CSF Flow: What We Can See And What We Would Like To See Soon!, Dr. Olivier Balédent, France

Novel MRI-Based Measurements of CSF Flow Dynamics in Pediatric Patients with Chiari Malformation, Dr. John Oshinski, USA (video)


Session D: Clinical

What Role Does CSF Play In Vision Impairment In Astronauts, Dr. Michael Keith Sharp, USA

Mathematical Models of CSF Dynamics: Uses and Challenges, Dr. Harold Rekate, USA (video)

Dynamics And Solute Transport In CSF In Non-human Primates As Seen By Positron Emission Tomography, Dr. Mikhail Papisov, USA


Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Plenary Lecture

Pathogenesis And Pathology Of Hydrocephalus, Marc Del Bigio, Canada


Session E: Imaging 2

What Can Animal Models Teach Us About CSF Flow Dynamics?, Dr. Mark Wagshul, USA (video)

Biomechanics Of Demyelination Processes: How Shear Wave Propagation Can Reveal Microarchitectural Changes, Ralph Sinkus, UK


Session F: Modelling 2

How To Use Experimental Data Effectively in Modeling, Dr. Lynne Bilston, Australia (video)

Near-Wall Ventricular Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics, Dr. Vartan Kurtcuoglu, Switzerland (video)

On The Assumption Of Laminar CSF Flow In The Spinal Canal, Kent-Andre Mardal, Norway


Session G: Spinal Cord

Potential Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow Pathways in the Development of Syringomyelia, Dr. Shaokoon Cheng, Australia (video)

Cerebrospinal Fluid And Spinal Cord Morphology Changes In The Hours After Spinal Cord Injury: Results From Novel Porcine Model, Dr. Peter Cripton, Canada

Dynamic Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure During Experimental Contusion Spinal Cord Injury: Results From Novel Porcine And Synthetic SCI Models, Dr. Claire Jones, Canada


Session H: Modelling 3

A Fractional Pressure-Volume Model Of Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics: Marmarou’s Model Revisited, Dr. Corina S Drapaka, USA

A Pilot, Multi-Scale Numerical Framework for Brain Mechanics, Dr. Diane de Zélicourt, Switzerland video