Scientific Program & Video Proceedings

Complete Scientific Program & Abstracts (pdf)


Pre-Symposium Event

“Evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics before and after treatment of Chiari malformations”, medical thesis defense by Cyrille Capel (abstract)


Full-Length Lectures of the Symposium

Plenary Lecture: The novel understanding of CSF physiology: emerging research and clinical implications. Thomas Brinker, USA

Quantitative Assessment of the Differences in the Resistance to Spinal CSF Motion in Chiari Malformation. Francis Loth, USA.

Origin and Clinical Relevance of the Cranio-Spinal CSF pulsation. Noam Alperin, USA.

Impact of respiration on CSF dynamics. Olivier Balédent, France

A multiscale poroelastic framework for large deformations of the brain. Diane de Zélicourt, Switzerland.

Solvent flow and solute transport in perivascular channels in the brain. Keith Sharp, USA

Effects of Adding Poroelasticity to an Existing FSI Model of Spinal CSF Dynamics in Syringomyelia with Adjacent Subarachnoid Space Stenosis. Chris Bertram, Australia.

On the complexity of the Cerebrospinal fluid flow in the upper spinal column – is the assumption of laminar flow appropriate? Kent-Andre Mardal, Norway.

Translational biomechanics in neurodegenerative diseases. Eric Schmidt, France.

Contribution of astrocyte networks to cerebral water flow. Vartan Kurtcuoglu, Switzerland.