According to the MI, King Mesha built a "high place" (bmt, compare the Hebrew bmh ) for Kemosh at Qaroh (perhaps a name for the acropolis or royal quarter of the city of Dibon, modern Dhbn). Pegasus in Greek Mythology: Overview & Description | What was the Pegasus? WebRuth was not an ethnic Moabite, she was an Israelite. According to Rashi, it was also due to their gross ingratitude even though Abraham, Israel's ancestor, had saved Lot, Moab's ancestor from Sodom. Lord Nelson Facts & Accomplishments | Who was Lord Nelson? Giovanni da Verrazzano Biography & Route | Giovanni da Verrazzano Overview. Ulama History & Traditions | What are Ulamas in Islam? Uther Pendragon Overview, History & Facts | Who is King Arthur's Father? Ancient Egyptian Religion | History, Mythology & Culture, El Dorado Legend & History | The Lost City of Gold, Eros Overview, Mythology & Facts | Greek God of Love. John Nash, Mathematician: Life & Career | Who was John Nash? Freikorps Overview & History | What was the Free Corps? The location of the main cult place of .w km is said to be ryt(h) (see KTU 1.100:36), perhaps one of the two or three towns known by the name Hurriya in Syria and northern Mesopotamia. Landsknecht Overview & History | Who were the Landsknechts? Not many details are known about Moabite history, but Moab as an independent kingdom probably arose in the last centuries of the second millennium bce and disintegrated in the midfirst millennium bce (that is, c. 1300600 bce), falling first to the Assyrians and then to subsequent con-querors. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. Second Estate Members & Roles | What was the Second Estate? Monaco: Overview, Population & Facts | Where is Monaco? The National Diet of Japan | Origin, Structure & Building. Egyptian God Min: Mythology & Facts | Who was Min? Text Copyright 2006 by Rabbi Dr. Meir Levin and According to II Kings, at times, especially in dire peril, human sacrifices were offered to Chemosh, as by Mesha, who gave up his son and heir to him (2 Kings 3:27). Joseph Goebbels Life & Death | The Nazi Propaganda Minister. William Wallace Overview & Death | Who was William Wallace? It was a Canaanite language closely related to Biblical Hebrew, Ammonite and Edomite,[11] and was written using a variant of the Phoenician alphabet. California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. They write new content and verify and edit content received from contributors. Arianism in Christianity: History & Controversy | What is Arianism? Manchester Ship Canal History & Facts | What is the Manchester Canal? An extra-biblical text suggests they died simply because they took foreign wives and moved to a foreign land, instead of trusting Gods providence in Israel. Kushan Empire Overview, History & Facts | What was the Kushan Empire? Catholic Epistles: List & Authors | Who Wrote the General Epistles? Javanese History, Culture & Facts | Who are the Javanese People? 32 offers a profound explanation which I present her in a somewhat simplified fashion. General Sherman's Special Field Orders: No. Some may make a profession of faith and take initial steps toward the promised land, but all we have in such instances are roused souls, intellectual responses to the Gospel, or emotional responses to appeals. Nevertheless, God continues to move. English Exploration: Explorers & Colonies | England's Exploration & Colonization, Ancient Roman Economy | Roman Trade, Imports & Economics. . But who exactly was Naomi? Robert the Bruce, King of Scots: Life & Rule | Who was Robert the Bruce? USS Indianapolis: History & Sinking | What Happened to the Indianapolis? Jerry Rawlings Presidency & Death | Who was Jerry Rawlings? All rights reserved. Corrections? The main Moabite plateau extended from the Wd al-es (the biblical river Zered) at the south end of the Dead Sea to the Wd el-Mjib (the biblical river Arnon) at the midpoint. Create your account. She also has a CELTA endorsement completed in Seville and is a proud Fulbright scholar after an intensive summer program in Morocco. (February 22, 2023). Trajan's Column in Rome | Construction, Purpose & Significance. Moyses), leader, prophet, and lawgiver (set in modern chronology in the first half of the 13th century b, Egypt, Ancient Most in-stock ordersleave our warehousein 1 business day. Inuit History, Culture & Language | Who are the Inuit People? Book of Judges Summary & Overview | Who were the Israelite Judges? They may never enter Gods marriage group, even after the tenth generation. Israel is suffering from famine and they decide to relocate to the nearby nation of Moab. The Moabite Stone found in Dihban Jordan dates to the 9th century BCE and describes the conflict between Moabite King Mesha and the kingdoms of Judah and Israel as described in the book of Judges. Emperor Justinian I Biography & Facts | Who was Justinian the Great? Lehi History, Ideology & Facts | What is the Stern Gang? Crazy Horse Memorial | Location, History & Purpose. Condensed from Introducing People of the Bible, Volume 1 by John Phillips. Echo the Nymph Overview & Facts | Who is Echo in Greek Mythology? Via Appia Overview & History | Significance of the Appian Way. Alexander Hamilton & Maria Reynolds Affair | Fallout & the Reynolds Pamphlet. Eurozone Crisis Origin & Facts | What is the European Debt Crisis? Web(1) They are no better in their character. House of Bourbon | History, Rulers & Dynasties. Wyatt Earp Life, Career & Death | Who was Wyatt Earp? Ariadne Of Crete | Family, Consorts & Role in Greek Mythology. WebOne of the characteristics that marks Moab is that as a people, she has been casual and laid back to the point of neglecting the truth of her condition, and the reality of God In Old Testament accounts (e.g., Genesis 19:3038), the Moabites belonged to the same ethnic stock as the Israelites. . Ruth discovered a world of truth of which she had never dreamed. All rights reserved. Ruth had never before met anyone quite like Elimelech, his wife Naomi, and their two sons. She gets sad that her family passes away and then Ruth works in the fields to provide for both of them. Their relationships were predominantly characterized by conflict, but sometimes they intermarried as well. In several instances, many Israelite men intermarried with Moabite women. As she faithfully journeys forth, God still continues to workand he does in our lives, too, when we face our most difficult seasons. The Bible refers to both the Moabites and Ammonites as Lot's sons, born of incest with his daughters (Genesis 19:3738). Tsar Bomba History, Development & Facts | What is Big Ivan? Gibbet History, Facts, & Examples | What is Gibbeting? Silver Standard Origin & History | What was the Silver Standard? From them she heard many talks about the things of God, for though Elimelech was a backslider, he was still a believer. Naomi is a caring, gracious, and altruistic mother-in-law. Samuel Colt Inventions & Quotes | Who Invented the Revolver? Their territory was resettled by the Nabataeans in the 4th3rd century bc. Canada Day History & Facts | What is Dominion Day? Astarte "He is the one person in the world who can redeem you and put you into the family of God. Naomi, who later changes her name to Mara, which means bitterness (opposed to Naomi meaning sweet), loses her husband and her two sons, which constitutes all her male family members. Vicente Guerrero Accomplishments & Biography | Who was Vicente Guerrero? Spice Trade: Overview, History & Routes | What is the Spice Trade? Carnegie Hall History, Events & Facts | Where is Carnegie Hall? There were frequent admonitions against the Ammonites for idol worship and immoral sexual practices. Third International History & Theory | What is the Comintern? Hell History, Description & Types | What Does Hell Look Like? Religious Revival History & Timeline | What is Christian Revivalism? Cray 1 History & Facts | What is the Cray 1 Supercomputer? Follow us or sign up for monthly emails to receive special offers. Ruth Converts to Judaism Ruth's story begins when an Israelite woman, named Naomi, and her husband, Elimelech, leave their hometown of Bethlehem. 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Overview & Facts | What was the 2004 Tsunami? English Lord: Title, History & Role | What is a Lord? Excavations at Dhbn in 1955 suggested that the Iron Age II structure in Section L was the palace complex of Mesha, on the east side of which there may have been a sanctuary. God is too loving to be unkind, too wise to make any mistakes, and too powerful to be thwarted in His plans. Inari History, Mythology & Facts | What is Inari Okami? Millets in the Ottoman Empire | System History, Concept & Facts. Other etymologies which have been proposed regard it as a corruption of "seed of a father", or as a participial form from "to desire", thus connoting "the desirable (land)". Henry III of France: Family, Reign & Death | Who was Henry III? GRU in Russia: Overview, History & Facts | What is the GRU? Second Spanish Republic: Overview & History | What was the Spanish Republic? Although we dont have exact dates for when this narrative took place, we can presume it happened sometime between 1300 BC, and likely between the time of Otheniel and Ehud as judges. The Book of Ruth testifies to friendly relations between Moab and Bethlehem, one of the towns of the tribe of Judah. Jehoshaphet subsequently joined Jehoram of Israel in a war against the Moabites, who were under tribute to Israel. RMS Carpathia Voyages & Wreck | What Ship Rescued the Titanic? Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions. Fitnah Overview, History & Significance | What is Fitna? Orpah pictures for us all those whose souls have been roused, but who have never really been saved at all. Roman Dictators: History, Role & Selection. Daisy Bates Biography, Facts & Accomplishments | Who was Daisy Bates? For instance, Kemosh may well have had a chthonic nature. Situationist International: History & Facts | What is the SI? The Christian Cross: History & Variants | What Does the Cross Symbolize? The Moabites were given a land Zambia in Africa: Capital, Population & Map | Where is Zambia? It may seem odd that Naomi allowed for her two sons to marry Moabite (foreign) women named Orpah and Ruth, but we have to ask ourselves how they managed to land themselves in foreign territory in the first place. The name Shalamanu (Sa-la-ma-nu ) for a Moabite king in a Tiglat-Pileser tribute list may attest to worship of the god Shalman, and other Moabite personal names in published seals may perhaps attest to the knowledge of further deities in Moab. Thanatos Myths & Significance | Who is the Greek God of Death? Miracle on the Hudson | US Airways Flight 1549 & Sully Sullenberger, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus | History, Acts & Impact, Adi Granth Overview & History | Sikhism Sacred Text. Dacians: History, Kingdom & Facts | Where was Dacia? The etymology of the word Moab is uncertain. The battle of Ziz is the last important date in the history of the Moabites as recorded in the Bible. She could have turned on Naomi and exclaimed, "If this is an example of what your God of love does, don't ever speak to me about Him again." 2. West Francia History & Timeline | Kingdom of the West Franks. Essenes: Overview, Beliefs & History | Who were the Essenes? There are arguments as to exactly when she was converted and if she had to repeat the statement in front of the court in Bethlehem when they arrived there. Throughout the narrative, we actually see Naomi looking out for Ruth, even while in the midst of paralyzing grief. A bastard must not enter Gods marriage group. Japanese Geisha: Role, History & Culture | What is a Geisha? It is possible that the stories of the Amorites from Mesopotamia continued to live on in tales of a barbaric threat to civilized societies in Western Asia. We can imagine one day that Ruth said to Naomi, "Mother, we are very poor. Fabian Society Founders & Ideology | What is the Fabian Society? Philip Mountbatten Family, Role & Death | Who was Prince Philip? Taille History & Significance | What was the Taille Tax System? She explicitly says she wants Ruth to have a good home and husband. At any rate, the MI shows that King Mesha of the Moabites worshipped a patron deity (Kemosh), in whose name Mesha conducted warfare, made sacrifices, and consecrated sanctuaries and even the peoples he had defeated (compare the biblical erem, or "sacred ban"). God Redeems the Lost. Yu the Great History & Significance | Who was Yu the Engineer? Burkina Faso Capital & Map | Where is Burkina Faso? 3. Fort Necessity History, Battle & Significance | Battle of Fort Necessity. Do not despise the Edomite, since he is your brother. WebAccording to the Bible, Moab was the son of Lot, and therefore the nation of Moab was related to the Israelites ( Genesis 19:30-38 ). Although it appears that Naomi is sulking throughout the narrative, if were patient and pick through contextual clues, we can see that she actually has a sweet and caring spirit. Indra Origins & Legends | Who is the Hindu God of Rain? Their king Balak attempted to have the diviner Balaam cast a curse on the Israelites. Hephthalites History, Empire & Facts | Who were the White Huns? Krampus: Legend, Krampusnacht & Role in Christmas | Who is Krampus? Matthew Ridgway Life & Legacy | Who was General Matthew Ridgway? The Akedah Overview & Significance | What was the Binding of Isaac? Seabiscuit: Racehorse History & Significance | Who was Seabiscuit? Nymph in Greek Mythology: Types & Names | What is a Nymph? To unlock this lesson you must be a Member. Pol Pot Rule, Genocide & Death | Who was Pol Pot? Long before we know Him, God works to initiate a chain of circumstances that in the end will bring us face to face with Christ. Rainier III, Prince of Monaco: Life & Reign | Who was Rainier III? Luna, Roman Goddess of the Moon: History & Mythology | Who was Luna? Bacchus, Roman God of Wine: Mythology & Symbols | Who was Bacchus? Zionism Origin & History | What is a Zionist? What the Oral Law does is explain that in this one case the stated reason for the Law can determine its application, a matter otherwise of Tannaitic dispute (Bava Metsia 115a). Omissions? For additional translation sources, see the Cuneiform Texts from Babylonian Tablets in the British Museum 24 (1896): 3666, and Benno Landsberger's Materials for the Sumerian Lexicon 14 (19371985): 361. MOABITE RELIGION . WebShe was born and raised in paganism. Adriatic Sea Map & Facts | Where is the Adriatic Sea? After the conquest of Canaan the relations of Moab with Israel were of a mixed character, sometimes warlike and sometimes peaceable. Egyptian God Geb Mythology & Significance | Who is Geb? On the other hand, the marriages of the Bethlehem Ephrathites (of the tribe of Judah) Chilion and Mahlon to the Moabite women Orpah and Ruth (Ruth 1:24), and the marriage of the latter, after her husband's death, to Boaz (Ruth 4:1013) who by her was the great-grandfather of David, are mentioned with no shade of reproach. Both religious and secular sources attest to their John McCain Life & Career | Who was John McCain? Its form and meaning and the h, Mob Rule Cannot Be Allowed to Override the Decisions of Our Courts, Children's Crusade Causes & History | Who Led the Children's Crusade? 48:34). Hitler Youth Program & Overview | What was the Hitler-Jugend? Encyclopedia of Religion. The Talmud expresses the view that the prohibition applied only to male Moabites, who were not allowed to marry born Jews or legitimate converts. 13:1). [NBD, s.v. On this occasion, a campaign of King Jehoram of Israel (son of Ahaziah, son of Ahab) against Mesha ends with a siege at Kir-hareseth, the city in which Mesha had taken refuge. Tyr, Norse God of War | Origins, Attributes & Mythology, Triton God of the Sea | Overview, Mythology & Significance. Runes Overview, History & Facts | What are the Runic Alphabets? Moabite women are double trouble in the Hebrew Bible: they are both foreigner and female. Even after the tenth generation, he may not enter Gods marriage group. Digital Equipment Corporation Computer | History, Legacy & Facts, Dawn Mission in NASA | Purpose, Results & Spacecraft Facts. MOSES (Heb. We have already noted that Ruth plays an exceedingly passive role in this book. Manichaeism Overview, Theology & History | What is Manichaeism? This is why the firstborns in Egypt (and their gods) were destroyed (as Hashem went forth in the midst of Egypt). 3. Second Battle of Fort Wagner | Overview, History & Results. And her foreign daughter-in-law insists that she joins her for the journey. of Die keilalphabetischen Texte aus Ugarit (Neunkirchen, Austria, 1976). They are known principally through information given in the Old Testament and from the inscription on the Moabite Stone. Even though Naomi was embittered, she continues to look out for Ruth. 11:7, 33; 2 Kgs. When the Presence is revealed, all draw toward it. Oskar Schindler Life & Legacy | What Did Oskar Schindler Do? Saddam Hussein Life, Rule & Death | Who was Saddam Hussein? The death of Ruth's husband was part of His plan. Scholars as far back as Eusebius (c. 260330 ce) have equated Kemosh with the Greek god of war, Ares, based especially on the fact that there was a town named Areopolis in the center of the Moabite region (although this may be a folk etymology). Within the Cite this article tool, pick a style to see how all available information looks when formatted according to that style. Mystery Cults History & Characteristics | What are Mystery Religions? Yakut People History & Culture | Who are the Sakha People? Comanche Nation History & Facts | Where is the Comanche Tribe Located? [14] He was persuaded thereto particularly by the princes, who said to him. Letters of Marque History & Facts | What is a Letter of Marque & Reprisal? John Brown, Abolitionist: Overview & Raid | Who was John Brown? Baltic Sea Countries & Map | Where is the Baltic Sea? Long before Ruth knew anything about God, God knew everything about her: her name, where she lived, and her secret thoughts. characteristics of moabites. Pygmalion Mythology, History & Facts | Pygmalion in Greek Mythology. European Expansion & Exploration | Timeline, Reasons & Effects. Eastern Catholic Church History & Beliefs | What is the Eastern Rite Church? Victoria Cross History & Recipients | What is the VC? There are no records of the Moabites after the Persian conquest of their territory and Moabites today may still be some of the descendants of the ancient people who still live in and around modern-day Jordan. The Moabites were in conflict with the Israelites from the 13th century. Hindenburg Disaster Overview & Impact | What was the Hindenburg Disaster? Blackshirts Overview, History & Facts | Who were the Blackshirts? The so-called Shn Warrior Stele, with its javelin-wielding figure, has also been interpreted as depicting a warrior deity, perhaps Kemosh. Therefore, its best to use citations as a starting point before checking the style against your school or publications requirements and the most-recent information available at these sites: However, while it used to be commonplace to claim that all four kingdoms had their own national god (Kemosh for Moab, Yahweh for Israel, Qaws for Edom, and Milkom for Ammon), it is perhaps better to be more cautious in view of the meager evidence outside the Bible. Moab is shown in purple on this map, between the, The other three were Pharaoh; Hiram and Nebuchadnezzar (Louis Ginzberg's The Legends of the Jews From Moses to Esther; Notes for Volumes Three and Four(p.423), Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Some New Light on the Asiatic Wars of Ramesses II", The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings, "Bible Gateway passage: Numbers 24:14, Numbers 24:17, Isaiah 11:14 - New American Standard Bible", "Bible Gateway passage: Zephaniah 2:9 - New American Standard Bible", "Torah of Yeshuah: Book of Meqabyan I - III", "Virtual Karak Resources Project: Historical Study",, States and territories established in the 13th century BC, States and territories disestablished in the 4th century BC, Articles containing Ancient Greek (to 1453)-language text, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Articles needing additional references from November 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2021, Pages with numeric Bible version references, Articles needing additional references from June 2021, Articles lacking reliable references from September 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2021, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Miller, J Maxwell. Sargon II mentions on a clay prism a revolt against him by Moab together with Philistia, Judah, and Edom; but on the Taylor prism, which recounts the expedition against Hezekiah, Kammusu-Nadbi (Chemosh-nadab), King of Moab, brings tribute to Sargon as his suzerain. There he was visited by angels with the message from God that Sodom and Gomorrah will be destroyed for their immorality and sins. Black Hand: Overview & WWI Role | What was the Black Hand? Anti-Semitism History, Facts & Examples | What is Anti-Semitism? WebHome. Orpheus & Eurydice Story | Mythology, History & Characters, Education in the Middle Ages | Schools, History & Facts, The Fujiwara Clan | History, Power & Influence. Volga Bulgaria Overview, History & Facts | What was Volga Bulgaria? The Four Varnas in Hinduism | Overview, History & Texts. Both religious and secular sources attest to their existence, culture, beliefs, and interactions with their neighbors. In the Hebrew Bible (or the Old Testament- the first books of the Bible before Christianity and the New Testament) God both promised land to the Moabites and later cursed them. Civitas History, Facts & Overview | What was Roman Citizenship? Zealots Overview & History | Who were the Zealots in the Bible? James Ewell Brown Stuart Life & Role | Who was J.E.B. The Greek Septuagint and Latin Vulgate versions of the Bible have instead Khams/Chamos, hinting that the correct vocalization of the Hebrew Kemosh should have been km from an original kam(m). Phaedra Overview & Facts | Who is Phaedra in Greek Mythology? Iron Guard Origin & History | What was the Iron Guard in Romania? By his descent from Ruth, David may be said to have had Moabite blood in his veins. 872 bc), who is mentioned in 1 Kings 16:2328, reconquered Moabite lands that had been lost since Solomons death in 922 bc, when Israel split into two kingdoms. Orpheus in Greek Mythology: Overview & Facts | Who is Orpheus? Ah Puch History, Facts & Mythology | Who are the Maya Death Gods? Lost Cause Overview, Myth & Civil War | What was the Lost Cause? Paterfamilias Overview & History | Who was the Paterfamilias in Early Rome? Davids great-grandmother, Ruth, was a Moabite (Ruth 4:1722), and his son Solomon, as a sign of his authority, obtained Moabite princesses for his harem (1 Kings 11:18) and erected near Jerusalem a shrine dedicated to Chemosh. [ 1], In the Nimrud clay inscription of Tiglath-pileser III (r. 745727 BCE), the Moabite king Salmanu (perhaps the Shalman who sacked Beth-arbel in Hosea 10:14) is mentioned as tributary to Assyria. Jeremiah prophesies that Moab's captivity will be returned in the end of days.[16]. [citation needed], Sometime during the Persian period Moab disappears from the extant historical record. Operation Torch History & Significance | What was Operation Torch? The next time the name is mentioned is in the account of David's war, who made the Moabites tributary (2 Samuel 8:2; 1 Chronicles 18:2). Ruth must have received this news with considerable dismay because the only light she had was going out. One suggestion for the Masoretic twist in pronunciation is that it was given the same vowels as b, "stench." Xiuhtecuhtli History & Ceremonies | Who is the Aztec God of Fire? Learn about the Moabites in the Bible through an overview and history. Ancient Moab: Still Largely Unknown., This page was last edited on 1 March 2023, at 17:55. Circus Maximus History, Facts & Uses | What was the Circus Maximus? Create an account to start this course today. The Du Pont Family: History, Members & Businesses. 1906 San Francisco Earthquake | Overview, Facts & Impact, Maya Architecture Overview & Examples | Pyramids, Temples & Palaces. Photo Credit: GettyImages/monkeybusinessimages. According to the Book of Judges, the Israelites did not pass through the land of the Moabites (Judges 11:18), but conquered Sihon's kingdom and his capital at Heshbon. 23:3-6; Ne. Bourgeois History & Overview | What is the Bourgeoisie? Brandenburg Gate Location & Significance | Where is the Brandenburg Gate? Lord Shiva the Destroyer | Hindu God of Destruction, Ancient Roman Philosophy | History, Theories & Philosophers. Maccabean Revolt: Overview & History | When was the Maccabean Revolt? The questioner is correct in thinking this might be the same group. ." Daimyo History, Significance & Facts | What is a Daimyo? 23:13; and Jer. Libertas, Roman Goddess of Liberty | Mythology, History & Depictions. London Fog of 1952 Overview & History | What was the Great Smog of London? IJN Yamato: Japanese Battleship | Design, Service & Wreck, The HMHS Britannic | Overview, Voyages & Sinking. House of Saud History & Members | Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. 11:24; 1 Kgs. The Immortals: Overview & History | Who were the Persian Immortals? Franc Currency History & Use | Which Countries Use Francs? However, the Iron Age II rock-cut tombs at Dhbn from around the time of Mesha contain mortuary goods such as pottery, jewelry, and at least one anthropoid clay coffin, suggesting a Moabite concern for proper burial with an eye to needs in the afterlife. John Rawls Overview & Philosophy | Who was John Rawls? Aten, Egyptian God: Mythology & Religion | Who was Aten? Bessie Coleman Facts, Career & Life | Who was Bessie Coleman? The priests of Moab were powerful and cruel, and they served an assortment of gods. These Amorites, described in the Bible as being ruled by King Sihon, confined the Moabites to the country south of the river Arnon, which formed their northern boundary (Numbers 21:13; Judges 11:18). Prisoners of War: History, Facts & Examples | What are POWs? She and her sister, having lost their fiancs and their mother in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, decided to continue their father's line through intercourse with their father. William B. Travis Biography & Accomplishments | Who was William B. Travis? There were three funerals, one after the other. Egyptian Goddess Mut Overview, History & Facts | Who is Mut? USS Arizona: History & Pearl Harbor | What was the Battleship Arizona? [6] The book of Zephaniah states that Moab would become "a permanent desolation".[7]. Andromeda, Greek Princess: Mythology & Story | Who was Andromeda? Biblically, the Moabites and Ammonites were connected to Moab and Amon, both sons of the incestuous relationship between Lot and his daughters. gives you the ability to cite reference entries and articles according to common styles from the Modern Language Association (MLA), The Chicago Manual of Style, and the American Psychological Association (APA).
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